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Miles Ave joins the fight to end malnutrition!

Our students have joined the fight to end malnutrition for children across the world and are pround participants of UNICEF's Kid Power Program.

Miles Avenue Mission / Mision de la Escuela Miles

The Miles school community fosters the innate capacities of each student, empowering them to become lifelong learners and leaders.

La comunidad de la escuela Miles formenta las habilidades inatas de cada alumno, facultado para que aprendan continuamente el la vida y lleguen a ser lederes.



Play 60 with the LA Chargers

National School Choice Week 2018

Osteogenesis Imperfecta Awareness month!

Congratulations Nicholas Lopez!

Nicholas Lopez won the Woodcraft Rangers Spelling Bee Competition and represented our school in the finals where he took FIRST PLACE for 4th Grade.

Dr. Seuss Spirit Week

Message From the Principal


Dear Parents, 

Do you realize that we are only a few shorts weeks away from summer vacation? With only two months of school left, we have a lot  of work left to do and we need your help.

There are two goals that teachers work diligently on each day. One of the goals pertain to all student. We expect all student to be proficient in reading. The other goal is specially for our English Language Learners. We expect all of our English Language Learners to "reclassify" before fifth grade. Both of these goals are essential for our student to meet so that they will be college and career ready when they graduate. 

Here are two things that parents can do at home everyday to help children reach these goals:

#1 Read to your child from books that are above his/her reading level so that they hear rich vocabulary. Look up words together that are new. the majority of the words we learn come from reading.

#2 Talk to your child. Ask your child to state his/her opinion and preferences about every day topics. Teach your child to give at least three reasons for his/her opinion preference. Make sure that your child always speaks in complete sentences.

It does not matter if you do these two things in English or Spanish. The important thing is that you are helping your child develop vocabulary and are needed to be a proficient reader and to become fluent in English. 


Cora L. Watkins

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Parent Information


Miles Student Council

Safety Information

1. Students who come to school before 7:30 must be in the Ready, Set, Go! Program for safety reasons. The Ready, Set, Go! Morning Program that operates from 6:00am to 7:50am in room 33 with Mr. Enrique Duran. For your child's safety, do not leave him/her unsupervised.

Ready-Set-Go! Morning Program

Days: Monday - Friday, 6:00 - 7:50am

Grades: Kindergarten - 5th

Location: Room 33

Program Supervision: Enrique Duran


2. Parking lots can be dangerous places. For this reason, they may not be used for students to enter or exit the campus. The parking lot should only be used to pick up students from Woodcraft Rangers after 5:00pm 

Woodcraft Rangers After School Program

Days: Monday - Friday, 2:15 - 6:00pm

Grades: Kindergarten - 5th

Location: Cafeteria 

Program Supervision: Adriana Rodriguez

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Title IX

Please visit this page for important Title IX information.


Bring your BoxTops to school and help us collect funds.  We get 10 cents for every BoxTop you bring. How many can you bring this week?

Pets in the Classroom


Petco is sponsoring Pets in the Classroom, please visit the link to apply, and please no reptiles.